Push Presents Jewelry for the New Moms

Push presents are gifts given to new mothers by her husband and family soon after she delivers a baby. Contrary to the present belief, this tradition of giving gifts to new mothers goes back to thousands of years. However, the slang ‘push present’ is relatively new. These gifts are a beautiful way to celebrate the new member in the family.

Jewelry is one of the most popular push presents. In ancient days jewelry was given to the new mother, as it was one of the basic forms of money storage and investment and could even help to raise a child. Jewelry in many cultures was also believed to ward off evil from the new mother and the newly born kid.

Jewelry still remains the most popular push gift – as there is no better way to make a woman feel special and beautiful than a stunning piece of jewelry.

Here are some of the most amazing push present jewelry gifts

Shoe charm

Shoe charms are a beautiful way to announce the arrival of a new member to the world. These charms look awesomely cute and have become quite a bit of rage these days. They come in many varieties such as sterling silver, gold, with diamonds and colored gemstones.

Locket Pendant

A classic gift, locket pendant still makes a wonderful gift that can be given to a new mother. A perfect way to store memories, locket pendants is a keepsake that will be treasured for many years to come.

Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is one such gift that can never go wrong. Whatever is the occasion, a diamond ring with its brilliance can always make it even more special and memorable.

Heart Pendant

A diamond heart pendant is a romantic way of showing your love to your wife and the new mother to your child. A heart pendant is sure to look stunning and will always stay near her heart reminding her each moment how much you love her.

Birthstone Jewelry

A ring, earring or pendant with the baby’s birthstone embedded in it, also makes a great push present. Birthstone jewelry is always a beautiful gesture to denote birth of the baby.

To give the push present a personal touch, you could also get them engraved with special messages or the names of the baby and the mother.

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Using PowerPoint to Make a Public Speaking Presentation – Will Your Public Speaking Be Better?

Using PowerPoint to create a presentation has become very controversial in recent years. I used to use it for almost everything I presented, whether it was for real estate trainings, sharing a new concept with teachers, or to teach my own middle school students how to prepare a presentation to use as an oral report.

A few years have passed since I needed to make any kind of presentation to any group, so I didn’t give much thought to PowerPoint at all. Then I was asked to speak about internet marketing at a large, live event, and I wondered how I could best get my information across.

My questioned was answered for me when the event planner called to ask for a copy of my presentation. It turned out they were requiring all of the speakers to use PowerPoint at this event.

I struggled for several days, trying to find just the right template and layout. Then I remembered a training from several months ago that had been offered through one of the membership programs I am involved in. I looked through the archives, found the two hour webinar, and created my PowerPoint while I was watching that webinar.

The result is that I now have a presentation that I can carry on a flash drive and keep with me at all times. If someone wants me to speak for thirty to forty-five minutes, I am ready to go on a moment’s notice. Speaking from my notes may have been appropriate several years ago, but now my presentations are more professional and entertaining as well.

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Screen Capture Software – A Global Trend in Media Presentation Optimization

Media presentation is an intangible part that plays the trick in successful media marketing and information dissemination. An effective media campaign can boost any type of business in so many ways that is certainly unimaginable. With the advent of the web driven world, accessibility to information is most likely a thing of the past.

Information is created and passed on in so many ways but more than anything, a computer does most of the job. Media presentation can be constructed using certain types of software to create a visually creative media more than a solid content.

When Microsoft PowerPoint was born, most media presentation were made using this application.

Now, a certain trend in visual media presentation came into place. Software developers and publishers came up with Screen Capture Softwares.

A Screen Capture Software is a type of software used to capture any part of your screen from your desktop, the image taken from which is known as a screenshot. Captured images can be sent to the software’s own editor or through a graphic editor, clipboard, file, printer, fax, email and even through instant messaging applications like ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. Images can be inserted or used to make Word or PowerPoint documents and can be uploaded to a website using a built-in FTP upload tool.

Images can also be edited in some similar type of software. Annotations, watermarks, shadow effects, frames, arrows, shapes, and other objects can be added to create professional looking presentations that can be used for online tutorials, promotional materials, and many other forms of documents. Prior to editing, images can be saved in various graphic formats such as JPG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX, WFF, ICO, TGA and BMP while some can even capture those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct 3D, 3dfx Glide mode games. Parsing a list of URLs and automatically saving webpages in the graphic formats mentioned above is also possible.

Some advanced type of software can even capture scrolling windows and web pages more than just static screenshots which means it can record desktop activity functioning as a video screen recorder. Recordings can be saved as an AVI video, MPEG1/2/4(DVD, VCD, SVCD), SWF clip(Flash clips) for web publishing or as standalone(.exe) player also known as projector exe file type that is readily playable. Conversions among of those formats can be mabe depending on what is supported by the software. Some software allow creation of java based software demos that can be played through a browser and to complete the total media experience, audio sound can also be integrated.

Given the features mentioned show us the various ways, information on a visual media perspective, our capability of doing just about anything. With the right tools and knowledge, impossible is nothing.

No wonder why this type of software is widely used and is constantly gaining attention to various end-users worldwide. If your not yet familiar with this, try to surf YouTube. You’ll see.

Software overview:
“Screen Capture Software, in deed, has caught the eye of many users. There are various types of similar software available in the market yet all there is to know leads us to the fact that not most of us are accustomed nor have ever tried using this type of software. It all leads us to the importance of user interface, or plainly easy to use. Functionality comes second since we’re looking for something that can be used for its purpose. Lastly, the cost. Who would want something expensive when an affordable one functions the same?

If you are just about thinking of adopting this software, I would recommend that you try first those easy-to-use ones. Grab the trial version first, and see if it suits you. Based on my thorough research, (although I’m not really paid to do it, I just love sharing information) just a handful of these software types are easy to use and not too complicated, of course, unless you get used to it. The choice is yours.”

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How to Review a Friend’s Video Presentation Part 2

OK, you’ve committed to helping your friend grow into an ace presenter. She’s sending you a link to a short video. Your job is to watch it and give her honest feedback on her presentation. She’s supplying you an overview of those Who, What, Where questions. You’re off to a great start.

But hey, this is your friend. You’ve known her a while. It doesn’t matter if it’s from school or work or even family. How can you possibly be objective when you watch her deliver a poetry reading or an extemp speech or a sales pitch?

Blink. In other words–record your first impressions and use those in preparing your review of your friends video presentation.

Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist and author with penetrating insight. His second book, Blink, is subtitled: “The Power of Thinking without Thinking”. It’s about first impressions, and how so very often they can be right on. In fact, decisions made on our first impressions are often better than choices made based on thorough study and evaluation.

So trust your gut. Trust what your gut says about your friend’s presentation. Here are some tricks you can use.

First, don’t listen to what your friend says about her presentation. It might lead you to “pre-judge” the presentation. You want to be as pure as you can when you view the video. If your friend phones up and starts complaining about how her blouse wasn’t right or she twirled her hair too much, just stop her right there. Tell her politely that if she wants your help she needs to let you review the piece first. Later on you can discuss how to help her make it better.

Second, have pen and paper or a voice recorder at hand to record the first impressions of distinct presentation elements. Don’t try and write an entire report during the first viewing of a video. Your friend’s audience won’t do that. Instead, they’ll be making their own snap judgments of her presentation.

See, you probably won’t be as familiar with the material your friend is presenting as her audience will be–but you are just as human as they are. Your eye can detect nuances of body-language and tempo. The first time you listen, don’t try to understand the meaning of her words as much as focus on how well she delivers them.

You can re-wind the video to catch a phrase, but you can’t re-wind your first impressions.

So initially just focus on your first reactions. Write those down on paper or jot them into that digital recorder. Just use phrases and simple words. “Voice flat”, “Good posture”, “Seems wavery”, “Shoulders hunched”–all these are the types of quick, honest phrases you can build on later when you give her a detailed critique.

Next: Watch for the transitions.

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Unique and Exclusive 18th Birthday Presents

Birthday is reckoned to be a special occasion for any individual. This is mainly because each and every birthday of an individual puts an end to his one phase and marks the beginning of the other. Some of the birthdays of the individuals act as the turning point of their life, which transforms them in some or the other ways either directly or indirectly. An 18th birthday is one such turning point when an individual steps into his adulthood and is officially declared as an adult. Several 18th birthday presents are available to help the gift givers select an appropriate one for their celebrant. Along with the gifts for adults, baby photo album is also found within the wide range of gifts collection.

Choosing a gift is always a complicated affair. Since the new adults celebrating the eighteenth year of their life are very choosy, it becomes even more difficult for the gift givers to select suitable 18th birthday presents for them. However, it might become easier for you to pick up an appropriate item, if you being the giver, are aware of the recipient’s nature and likes. Knowing the celebrant well will definitely help you in choosing an item that he would really like to receive. Categorizing the gift items would narrow your search for perfect 18th birthday presents. If you know your friend turning 18 well, you can easily decide which gift category would he prefer, whether a gag gift would be best or an adventurous one, or something thoughtful and sentimental.

The initial stage of adulthood drives the individuals more towards entertainment stuffs. In addition to this, they always love to spend their time with friends without any parental supervision. To make your child’s eighteenth birthday special, offering concert tickets and arranging a long trip for them with friends would serve to be the ideal 18th birthday presents. This will give them an opportunity to spend time with their friends and enjoy the whole day to the utmost extent. These 18th birthday presents would not only fulfill their entertainment demand through the concert, but will make the evening memorable as one of the most happening days of their life.

Teenagers love shopping. Whether it’s a guy or a gal, they all love to buy necessary stuffs to adorn themselves. This is an age where they have a tendency to seek attention. The gift givers most of the time try to buy something suitable for the guest of honor. But the market trends are subject to continuous change and hence, the desire of the new adults to have latest collection makes it difficult for a gift giver to select suitable 18th birthday presents. To avoid any such problem, package with three to four gift cards to their favorite stores would be the best among other 18th birthday presents. Using this package, they can go on a shopping spree and buy whatever they want.

Apart from these unique 18th birthday presents, photo albums can also be preferred as an ideal item. Not only for the teens, but even for the babies, these items are always the first to be thought of. Baby photo album is used to preserve the memories of the events that are celebrated for the babies. These are some of the exclusive items that you can opt for the one, stepping into the 18th year of his or her life.

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60th Birthday Presents Carry a Blend of Love and Admiration

Out of all birthdays, the 60th birthday is undoubtedly an extraordinary one. Style and splendor are the two primary keywords of a 60th birthday party and therefore the d├ęcor, the guests, the food and the ambiance should be absolutely choosy. If you are the initiator, you must keep in mind that your recipient is now free from all cares and duties of life. Often, the age of sixty brings loneliness in an individual’s life. So, make sure that none of your 60th birthday presents you are offering should remind him of his age. Your sole intention will be to show your love and concern for your 60th birthday celebrant.

Well, it’s just a waste of time and money to visit the gift stores and seek out presents for your concerned celebrant. So, why not opt for the online collections that can both match up to your choice and take care of your wallet? Simply go online and choose your dream present from an extensive range of 60th birthday presents.

Well, you can always kick off with the food hampers like Italian hamper, supreme food tower, Scottish Tray etc. A themed dinner party pack can also be one of the best 60th birthday presents for your recipient so that he can share a wonderful dining experience with his family.

One of the most thoughtful 60th birthday presents can be a newspaper of his birth time. You can always make it personalized by framing it in an attractive wooden frame. There are certain personalized presentation folders and premium gift boxes that are surely going to amaze your recipient. People who are sixty have an addiction for gardening. So, you can always go for some gardening gift packs for growing salad leaves, tea or coffee, cactus plants, strawberries, pumpkins etc. In fact, it comes among the best 60th birthday presents. Amongst your 60th birthday presents, you can also fetch certain exciting and thrilling gifts that can add a new dimension in his life. For instance, you can go for certain flying lessons related to pleasure fights, balloon fights, vintage flying and many more. If you are eager to astound your 60th birthday recipient, plan for a luxury steam train journey that can be among the most thrilling 60th birthday presents.

On the other hand, if you are planning something for the special person of your life, you can get an iPod Touch application. Go for the 4th generation iPod that serves equivalent to a simple iPod, a game player as well as a computer. Guys are always passionate about the digital world, and therefore an iPod can be certainly a perfect gift for him.

Sports or concert tickets too can be a perfect gift for him. What about Men’s Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket? It’s a nice leather jacket made of softest lamb Nappa leather. Headphones count among the favorites for guys, and a stylish black headset with a handful of ultra-tech features can undoubtedly serve a perfect gift for him.

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The Three Golden Rules Of Creating A Compelling Presentation

Most people are more concerned with just surviving the experience than learning the essentials of creating a compelling presentation. For most of us, the goal is to get through the time and hopefully not end up looking like a fool. You know the normal fears like forgetting to wear pants and having a huge piece of lettuce that has taken up residence between your two front teeth. Wow, that makes you want to run right out and give a presentation doesn’t it? Now that we have broken the ice, the question still remains of what is essential in a compelling presentation. There are three main elements you need to pay attention to absolutely amaze your audience.

The first element to turn your attention to is the subject and audience. You may be wondering why you need to pay attention to the subject when clearly you know enough to be asked to speak. It’s more about the audience and what they know about the subject. One of the fastest ways to lose rapport with your audience is to speak above or below their heads. As you work on the spoken part of your presentation, be thinking about who is going to hear you and what points will be most important to them.

With the written portion of your presentation taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to the next phase of essential compelling presentation, your visual aids. Absolutely everyone has been forced to sit through a boring slide presentation at one time or another. This usually occurs at some stage in the schooling years. Unless you want to your audience to revert back to high school and start shooting spit balls, you have to come up with something better than that.

Visual aids are great for making your main points, just be sure to not overuse the screen. The result is your audience behaving as if they are at the movies and will resent you breaking in with stuff like, I don’t know, your presentation. Use this technology for displaying pictures of what you are talking about and possibly graphs or charts that help support your main points. The use of visual aids in presentations is covered further at [http://www.presentationsplanet.com].

The third element of a compelling presentation is you. It is important to pay attention to how you use your voice. Speak clearly and with inflection in your tone, otherwise your audience is going to get bored quickly. Sound and be enthusiastic about your topic. This excitement will be contagious and if you’re excited your audience will be too.

The elements of creating a compelling presentation rely on using your common sense and giving your audience the courtesy of preparation. Keep those things in mind and you are well on your way to a great presentation.

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6 Quick Tips on How Not To Be Boring: Improve Your Presentation Delivery Skills

How is that some people are so easily able to stand in front of a group of people and hold their attention while speaking? This question about presentation delivery skills made me think of my sister, a lawyer, and a prosecutor no less. I was curious to know what she thinks is most important when she addresses the court, so I decided to give her a call. Without hesitation she said, “Start with a strong argument!”

Conventional wisdom has it that presentations and speeches should start with a personal anecdote, but I wouldn’t dare dispute my sister’s point of view. (Since we all know who would win that argument!) Besides, she works with a very specific kind of presentation, just as politicians or government leaders do. Even so, her point is well taken – a strong argument and the ability to be persuasive will help you with any form of public speaking.

The reason that presentation delivery skills came to mind is in part due to an earlier article you might have read that emphasized the importance of writing in preparing for presentations. I didn’t want to leave you thinking that great presentations were only about the writing. As you’re well aware, there’s more. Knowing how to hold people’s attention and the tricks that help get you through any nervous sweaty moments you may have when facing a crowd is another important skill set.

The following are my top tips for developing this skill set and ensuring your presentations aren’t dull:

6 Quick Tips on How Not to Be Boring

Fake It Till You Make It:

Even if you’re not feeling confident, act as though you are. Your body language communicates more than you realize – slumping or fidgeting with notes conveys uncertainty or anxiety. Make eye contact with the audience. Scan the group from east to west and north to south– before you even begin to speak. Otherwise, you’re certain to appear rushed and nervous.

Get Personal:

Personalize your communication so that your audience sees you as an individual, a human being with a point of view. We all respond to individuals who seem to speak directly to us as people. Few of us enjoy being bombarded with reams of information and facts.

Aim For The Target:

Be sure to ask yourself “Who is my audience?” Aim your content at that target. There’s no point speaking as though you’re addressing a jury when in actual fact you’re talking to, say, a group of computer-phobic employees about improving their computer literacy skills.


Keep it Simple Stupid is admittedly a little rude, but it makes the point – avoid over complicating your presentation with elaborate, obscure language or sentences. Use clear, short sentences, the best way to get your points across. And it goes without saying (or it should!), know your material well.

Wax Enthusiastic:

Be animated and enthusiastic – there is nothing worse for an audience than having to listen to a monotone, or to be dragged down by a presenter’s lack of energy. I’m sure, like all of us, you’ve suffered through classes where the teacher literally put someone to sleep. That’s not the kind of presenter you want to be!

Crack A Smile, If Not A Joke:

Humor can be a great element of a successful presentation. But you have to be comfortable with making a joke or you’ll fall flatter than the rug on the floor. (Speaking of jokes that aren’t that funny.) So if you do decide to inject humor into your presentation, be sure it’s humor your audience will understand; humor that won’t offend. And if you aren’t comfortable joking, at least manage the occasional smile!

The above tips are just a few ways you can improve your presentation delivery skills, and avoid boring your audience. But, if you’re just starting out, you may want to get some formal help from the tried and true in the public speaking business: Toastmasters.

Even if you have a lot of experience, it never hurts to brush up your presentation skills or to learn new techniques. When I first had to speak a lot in front of audiences, I went to Toastmasters for the basics. Not long ago I returned for a public speaking checkup. Although I’m not ready for the courtroom, I’m confident that my audience won’t be nodding off while I’m doing my next presentation.

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Creating an Effective Sales Presentation

Creating a winning sales presentation is more than an introduction, a lecture, a summary, and an end. Now more than ever your clients are savvy, know what they need, and expect nothing but the best from potential service providers. So before you make that presentation, there are a few things to keep in mind while you’re preparing.

First, you must research thoroughly. You may think you know the important components of your prospect’s business, but think again. Delve deep into the business to get an inside view of your prospects’ daily lives and business issues. Discover what the prospect’s goals, objectives, mission, and values are before you even create the first draft of your presentation. Find out what makes the prospect tick – and what issues they have. From this research, you’ll be able to create a presentation that shows you’ve done your homework. On top of this, your presentation will answer the most important question your prospect has: what’s in it for me?

Next, make sure that your presentation is interactive. Have you ever sat through a presentation that was “all talk”? Did the salesperson simply go from the beginning to the end without pause, without gaining input from the prospect? Are you one of those salespeople? Observe very carefully how your prospects are reacting to your presentations. Are they bored? Do they check their Blackberries or slip out to take important phone calls? If this is happening, or even if it’s not, the key word for an effective presentation is interactivity. Be creative with your presentation by asking questions – and waiting for the response from your prospects. Use the information you’ve discovered in your research to formulate your questions. Then, use the prospects’ answers to move forward. It may be helpful to remember the AIDA method for sales presentations: get the prospect’s attention, create interest with useful information, create desire by offering something they need, and ask for immediate action.

In technical terms, your presentation should engage your prospects without distracting them from what you’re saying. For this reason, slides or visuals should be kept to a minimum of words. Use the key words and actions from your presentation and talk through the rest. In addition, consider using graphics in your presentation, especially if you are using an application like Power Point. But be careful with graphics. They should be professional and appropriate, and should create a “memory” in the prospect’s mind. Avoid using “silly” graphics, clip art drawings, or graphics that move and make sounds. Instead, use professionally produced photographs that relate specifically to the information you’re talking about on each slide or page. You can find images like this in Power Point’s Clip Art gallery under photographs. Or, you can visit websites like istockphoto (istockphoto.com), where you can search for graphics using the terms and words from your presentation.

In your presentation, focus on the customer. Explain how you are going to solve their problems with your product or service. Use the benefits of your product or service to make a direct connection with the prospect and answer the “what’s in it for me?” question. In relation to focusing on the customer, create an agenda, explain it, and stick to it. There’s nothing worse than a lack of respect for your prospect’s time.

Finally, take the time to practice for every presentation you make. Your skills increase with every single presentation, but the information will always be different if you’re following the steps we’ve discussed. Practice your presentation in front of a mirror, with a colleague, or even in front of a video camera. You’ll be able to see where your strengths are – and what opportunities you can use to improve your presentation and your delivery techniques.

Remember to avoid an unprofessional appearance, boring lectures, a failure to create rapport with the prospect through your research, and TMI (too much information). If you employ these tactics when you plan every sales presentation, you’ll be well on track for closing the sale every time.

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100 Creative Presentation Ideas

Creative Presentation Ideas – It’s Showtime!

Listed below are just 3 of the 100 creative presentation ideas you can use to make your presentation unforgettable. You may use these creative presentation ideas when speaking to potential investors, at management forums, conference lectures or with your colleagues, employees, or any other presentation you have to make.

Each creative idea is described in the following format:

  • Basic description of the creative presentation idea
  • What for? major benefits of the idea, or how it may be used
  • Variations on the creative idea: how you can adapt the idea to different settings, goals and audiences
  • Comments: things you should pay attention to when using the creative idea

Well, here comes the first creative presentation idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #1:

Description: Do not use titles in your slides

What for?

  1. Tell the viewers that you left out the presentation titles intentionally in order to see if you could deliver your main points clearly
  2. When using the presentation as a learning aid in a workshop, if your audience is required to complete the titles, they will have to think about what you are teaching and actively participate in the discussion


  1. Leave the titles out for only some of the slides – perhaps the ones that will be used for a review of the presentation so far, or to trigger a discussion on a controversial issue
  2. Write only half of the title, and ask your audience to complete it


  • You can use a printed “complete” version of the presentation for yourself, so you can see the titles you meant to use

The creative ideas I suggest are of different kinds and levels. Some are crazier than others. You should choose the one that best suits your presentation needs. Do you want to make a really bold statement? Here is a more outrageous idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #75:

Description: Present the presentation blindfolded!

What for?

  1. You could definitely demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and a good memory skill as well as self-confidence by using this idea
  2. Use it to add some humor to your presentation: after you put the blindfold on, intentionally make some funny mistakes when referring to the slides, and only then show them that you know what you’re talking about…


  1. Put the blindfold on for just a short part of the presentation, when you want to make a dramatic effect
  2. Provide blindfolds for the participants, so their sense of hearing will be heightened and you could test their memory after a few slides!


  • Take care not to offend people with disabilities (e.g. blind people, etc.). Use this technique when you are certain you can do so tactfully and with good taste

As you might have noticed by now, these creative presentation ideas do not rely on an incredible knowledge of Power Point, or on unreasonable production expenses. Actually, in some of the ideas you don’t even have to use Power Point at all!. Here’s one:

Creative Presentation Idea #31:

Description: Have a painter/caricaturist assistant –
drawing images/cartoons on a flip chart as you explain

What for?

  1. This would make your presentation “live” on the go. Instead of using slides, the sketches would visually convey the major points you are trying to get through. For example – when you talk about the tough task lying ahead, a simple drawing of mountaineers climbing up a steep mountain would etch that image in the viewers mind.
  2. A caricaturist could add a touch of humor to your presentation with funny images and hints


  1. If you have the talent – you could draw the sketches yourself as you speak.
  2. If there’s an electronic drawing pad – you could use it and show the drawings on a screen as they are drawn.
  3. Alternatively – ask some of the participants themselves to help you and draw those images on the flip chart as you speak.
  4. You could prepare and give the participants a comic book with the important things you talked about.


  • Make sure there are enough flip chart pages you could use, and that everyone can see them well.
  • Rehearse the presentation with the painter and the list the major subjects you are going to talk about so that s/he would have time to think about how to make meaningful and relevant drawings.
  • Here are a few pointers on where to find the person to draw for you: look for high school or college art students who wish to practice and demonstrate their talent for a small fee or free of charge; ask around for other employees that have that talent and are willing to give a hand. Of course, if the presentation is worth the investment, you may always hire a professional caricaturist.

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