Love Presents Itself

In the search for Love we may have forgotten to look in the place that is closest to each of us and always there for everyone. I am not alluding to the adage which reminds us each that Love is within. Yes, it is, but look closer. In fact, stop looking. Perhaps, even stop searching. Love, is the creative substance of life itself. We are Love.

The dilemma is that we do not know how to access this miracle. We try to get knowledge of it. We go on a journey towards it. We grow towards our awakening to Love in many ways. For each of us there are many sacred paths. Yet for all, there is one direct route to the miracle of Love which is instant.

It is found in the Present moment. In the eternal present is a portal which opens to Love.
This portal is in the space of awareness of Presence. We begin to fathom Presence by bringing our attention to the moment and allowing the energy of the space to open. This unborn creative energy of this space is the substance of Love, an aspect of eternal Being.

If living in the present moment has the potential to deepen our experience to the access of such miraculous energy why don’t we all do it all the time? Why don’t we all go directly to Love and live in this state always? What prevents us from this heightened state of awareness. Are we only dreaming that we are awake?

We seem to become challenged by many obstacles when attempting to live in this state of eternal Present. Daily living seems to flow with continuous events and routines that engage our judgment, choices and reactions. We do our best, of course. We are aware of “trying”, of “effort”, and of being on a continuum of events. We feel that we are conscientiously doing our best. We feel awake.

Most don’t feel that moments contain miracles though. And usually most don’t feel connected to a Love that does not rely upon circumstance nor condition. Most don’t feel embraced by something greater than themselves. Is that what “being loved” feels like? It is the first step perhaps in coming to know Love itself.

These are some of the stages of seeking awakened love.

Love which is not altered by condition or circumstance.

Love feels like an Embrace by something greater than themselves.

This embrace of Love is connected to them.

They are the connected to the Source Identity of the embrace of Love.

They are a part of the Source Identity.

Born of Source.


This Love can be found by allowing oneself to be “born” into the present moment. The birth however, as all of nature displays requires a creative process.

Our creative process is that of awakening. We become governed by a consciousness which substitutes itself for Love. It is called the Ego. It protects us, forms roles and rituals which will keep us “safe”. One of its tasks is to find Love. It though, is not aware of a consciousness other than its own, and is mandated to protect and maintain its own survival at all costs.

This provides some of the challenges which are faced on the path to freedom and awakening. We exist in daily life, sustained by a continuum of energy flow supplied by the Ego consciousness.

This continuum is governed by “Remote”. (the Ego) The infinite moments that flow in our lives are indeed sustained by energy but not quite by the energy of “effort” that we sense. It is the energy of consciousness which creates. shapes and sustains the patterns of our lives.

This can be likened to flow of energy conditioned by “remote control”.

Remote is the ongoing state that we sustain which contains all of our relatively unquestioned perspectives, reactions, feelings and recurring choices in daily living. It is much easier to live in the current of “remote” because it is the familiar and provides a sense of security. The ego is comfortable in known territory despite a list of affirmations or a desire for change.

Imagine a mountain stream that is moving in one direction for many years. Its movement through the seasons is automatically set because it responds to the same environment, moves in and around the same formations and receives input from the natural sources that surround it.

Why would this stream change its flow except over the course of events outside of its control? Of its own volition it cannot. It has no impulse of its own other than the energy of the flow of its current. This is similar to our own consciousness as it flows, unexamined throughout the patterns of our lives. It is like a current of energy which permeates all.

The challenge to us is whether we desire this current to be conscious and creative or unconscious and remote – similar to a task manager that silently cares for the organization of data, response and suggestions for most comfortable choices at each juncture of life. By comfortable, I mean those choices which will not challenge the current information which is perceived as true, safe, and supports the ego’s collective identity.

To alter a current of energy it takes an equal amount of energy. Yet if two currents face one another it causes havoc. This translated into personal experience is the distress that many people feel that attempting to change or “face the demons”. I see only a storm created.

It seems that energy, flow, and the dynamics of awakening consciousness have attributes that can be used for advantage.

When flow spirals rather than confronts it forms a vortex which actually creates an opening for the reception of a greater frequency of energy.

For this reason, when attempting to create Attention which precedes Presence in the moment, it is helpful to bring this attention forward by “allowing” it rather than forcing it. It is a gentle energy which arises from within. It is not an outside focus which is a concentrated spotlight coming from a mental place outside of self. It does not arrive to form combat or opposition, or even separation from what is observed.

The common use of the “I” witness, and the observed aspects of self is but one step in the process of awareness. Ultimately, separation becomes an obstacle and creates two forces which holds the seeker in a state of duality.

The Present is singular in nature. Our observation of it is a step towards it. The notice of our own flow of energy is a step towards the realization that there is a current of energy in the portal of the Present which is untapped, unlimited and miraculous.

The distance between these two experiences is the challenge of our miraculous awakening to Love, which has been described as the current upon which all Life is sustained.

When we open ourselves to the Present moment. Love presents Itself. We are lifted into immersion with true nature. All that is not its Own falls away. As a newborn that cries and takes its first breath in a new world, we cannot fathom the vastness of Life beyond our sight.

This is the vortex of the present moment. It is you, gently spiraling in, through, around and back again; just as a deep inhalation flows throughout the Entire.

How could life in the “remote lane” ever be chosen again? Can such wakefulness be sustained? It can be the heart’s longing first. It first needs to be desired.

It is not a foreign place. It is our home. We must be willing to risk the familiar nods and remote paths that we tread. Awakening does take courage. It takes energy and volition. It goes against and ongoing current. It is easier to rest and go with the flow.

If you do, you know that tomorrow is guaranteed to be just like yesterday and the day before. You “made” them. Did you know? While you were sleeping, flow was creating the patterns of tomorrow that you would have a place to go!

Put quickly and simply, “remote” is a tool of the Ego. Ego is the fulfillment of the personality’s need for security, safety and love. Ego’s mission is to survive at any cost. This is the velocity of the water in the stream.

Ego survives by re-creating itself in the Space that would be Present and utilizing the energy of the “space” of Present as momentum. Did you ever feel the sense of racing forward. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to remain still, or keep the mind in a state of stillness?

These spaces of stillness and silence are part of the flow that is contained in the energy of the Present. We can find our miraculous selves in the spaces that were the unknown. If we risk engaging a new choice we activate space. If we risk attention in the midst of reaction we allow space to emerge and the ego cannot co-exist with Presence.

When we open ourselves to the Present moment. Love presents Itself.

“We wake, stir, cry out, turn about. A universe seems inside out. Yet, filled with hope and blinded sight we walk within, into and towards a knowing and embracing Light”.

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