Finding The Kingdom of God By Living In the Now In The Eternal Present Moment

In reality, the Kingdom of God is all there is. No one is excluded from this kingdom, for all souls remain in the Kingdom of God at all times. However, an individual soul can believe it is separated from God if it chooses this experience, for every thought you have creates your reality. Because all your thoughts create your reality, if you hold the thought that you are outside or apart from God, then this is the reality you will create in your own mind. And this is the reality that all souls on Earth have created for themselves, until they declare as Jesus did “I and my father (my Creator) are One.” This statement simply states that Jesus recognized that he was God and God was him. As Jesus states in the Bible: “Think it not blasphemy to compare yourself equal with God” and “Ye are all Gods.”

Yet the Kingdom of God exists only in the Eternal Now, in the reality of the Present Moment. Now you may say reading this article, “I am in the now and I have awareness of what I am doing”. And I would say to you: “Only to a point”. The overwhelming part of your mind, most of which remains hidden in the recesses of your subconscious and unconscious minds, is NOT living in the now, but instead is living in fantasy and spending an incredible amount of energy seeking further ways to live in fantasy, or as they say in the Realm of Spirit, in “unreality”. A part of every mind of every human being on Earth has a Void, or unreality zone, that is filled to the brink with fantasies, which is another word for expectations. Now you may say what is wrong with having expectations? And I would say to you: “Nothing at all, if you want to live in fantasy, in the realm of unreality, where you are not living in the present moment, in the eternal moment of NOW.”

You can only enter the Kingdom of God by rediscovering that you are God in human flesh in a state of perfect peace in the eternal moment of NOW. Every single expectation that you have takes you away from the Reality of NOW, steals your peace, and moves your mind into fantasy-land and unreality. Now let’s be clear about this. Every soul has Free Will under God’s Law of Free Will and living in the realm of fantasy and unreality is not bad or evil or wrong. It is simply an experience that will not deliver peace and happiness that most human beings on Earth believe it will. You, like every soul on Earth, has a choice. Which tap will you turn on? The tap that brings you to the Kingdom of God in the reality of NOW, or the tap that takes you into fantasy and expectation away from the Kingdom of God? Most spiritual people on Earth, including most Christians and New Age Spiritual Seekers, believe they can turn on BOTH taps.

There is one small problem with attempting to turn on both taps. When you turn on the tap that chooses fantasy, expectations and unreality, YOU ARE CHOOSING TO MOVE AWAY FROM REALITY and you are automatically shutting off the other tap that brings you into the awareness of the Kingdom of God. You are not being punished. God is not doing this to you. You are choosing this to yourself using your own Free Will. You hear many spiritual seekers these days use the term “Live In The Now” or “Living In The Now” and they provide little or no explanation as to why you should do this, or to how you can do this, and what this means. To put it simply, God IS the NOW and anything else is “expectation” and keeps you outside of the awareness that you are inside the Kingdom of God. When you experience yourself “outside” the Kingdom of God, you feel lost and lonely and sad and depressed and empty inside.

This feeling of emptiness causes many souls to create a whole heap full of new expectations to fill the emptiness they are now feeling inside, but this only makes the problem worse. This is why addicts go down into a downward spiral of emptiness and self-destruction. The reality is every human being on Earth is an addict and is addicted to fantasy, to expectations. A growing number of souls are awakening and re-learning that perfect peace can only be found by giving things up, giving things away, detaching, having no expectations and reducing their overall number of expectations, yet this is a long process, even for the most advanced soul on Earth. It is not just about removing expectations from the conscious level of awareness, but from the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind. This truly is a journey of a thousand miles and is not easy to go through the withdrawal symptoms of giving up earthly attachments and expectations.

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