Being One Self: Choosing and Developing Higher Consciousness in the Present


The times we are living in now seem to increasingly challenge human stability and fulfillment, especially regarding what we refer to as our Self. Many people, for example, are finding that what they thought was happiness, is not, or is at least too transient, leaving them searching for a more genuine or lasting type of fulfillment. Indeed, it appears that we are rapidly approaching a point of feeling the need to even redefine who and what we are in order to cope or hopefully transcend into a better state. Amidst all of this, influenced and spurred by emerging, revolutionary science of both consciousness and reality along with ancient and modern spiritual research and investigation, there is the growing awareness by many that human experience is much more dynamically determined from within us than we thought.

Though far from being a new idea, it is, however, now becoming more widely known and realized. We all have the potential to access and become uniquely individual expressions of a higher consciousness that lies within us and underlies essentially all that is or happens in both our lives and the world. It can be referred to as a source of loving intelligence that unifies and guides the interdependent evolution and state of existence of life.

On an human individual level, as people, we can have greater access to this higher Self the more we are unattached, inside or out, to our experiences and choices, which can involve things, actions, people, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, especially ones we have about ourselves. Present-moment self-acceptance, or self-love and sustaining states of mental clarity are some fundamental ways to develop, integrate and express our higher consciousness more–to be our truest Self possible. The more we are our truer Self, the less we feel the need to justify our attachments to artificially projected types of identity in search of security or core self-esteem. Identifying, processing and resolving this type of interference as much as possible can increase what is a more spontaneously evolving, present Self. As a consequence, we will notice that we pleasantly begin discovering what is truly fulfilling for us, such as a more deeply meaningful purpose, and that we are more likely to more fully generate or manifest this into our lives. We start getting more of what we truly need/want and appreciating more of what already is, inside and out.

In essence, we undergo a chosen process of identifying illusions of Self, and of reality and letting them go in favor of a more genuine and empowered Self and experience that is less confusing or painful. This process, potentially evoking terror at some level, at its core invokes a need to develop trust–trust in the unknown–that we don’t know but are discovering and being ourselves in the naturally developing flow of life and what we continually redefine as ”reality.” It’s like an intentional choice to learn from then let go of limiting ego attachments or needs while allowing our higher Self to ”become” as we navigate and follow our more intuitive self-awareness. So this involves honestly accepting the reality that we, as ever-changing beings, really don’t know for certain who we are or what the future is. Many of us don’t really even know the past for that matter.

When we dissolve our individual Self into the moment, we tend to lose, or transcend, fear and doubt and we embody confidence and peace. Some benefits of this can include greater understanding, fulfillment, intelligence/intuition. better and more efficient decisions, unshakable self-esteem, meaningful relationships and a lasting empathy in life. We, thus, access a deeper and more sustained sense of Self naturally connected to the whole of life and become empowered from cultivating this relationship with life further instead of needing to control it or stumble in our efforts to pretend so. Our own conscious empowerment in this way, in turn, empowers others, often with magically little or no effort. This effect then changes the world on a fundamentally profound level at a time when it is needed more than ever.

As we move forward through these modern times, it may help us to consider that healing is not just about removing or letting go of the negative. It is equally about finding and cultivating the positive that comes from letting yourself be yourself in order to embody your most natural state. And when people ask you who you are, you can more optimistically reply that you do not know and instead tell them ”how” you are–a liberating, changing and growing Self experiencing the living Oneness of life.

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